Rectangle & Vases Jade Bracelet
Rectangle & Vases Jade Bracelet
Rectangle & Vases Jade Bracelet

Rectangle & Vases Jade Bracelet

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Unique Symbolization:  Rectangle & Vases symbolize Stability, Honesty & Peace.

Burma Jade, once exclusive to royalty is the beautiful stone used in these elegant bracelets.

Silk cord is used in the braiding. These are incredibly durable! (They've lasted Crystal and Julie through white water rapids, back country hiking and climbing adventures. ;)

Adjustable to fit almost everyone.

Why choose us?

It's always a good day at christopher's!

We are committed to acknowledging the unique and special qualities of every single person. We want you to celebrate and fully appreciate who you are right now! Take a breath, and know you ARE enough!!!



I had the most wonderful time with these terrific ladies. We laughed so hard I accidently snorted!! You just can't miss a visit, they made my day!!

Portland, OR

I had a special event, they encouraged me to try something on I never would have thought of. I couldn't believe how incredible I felt in it!!! I'm still getting compliments every time I wear it!!! Thank you

Estes Park, CO

the new you!!

The adventure awaits...

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